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Important details regarding preparing for your appointment


Thank you for choosing Vermont Dryer Duct, Vermont’s premier dryer duct installation, repair, and cleaning service company. By following a few simple tips you can help make your upcoming appointment a smooth and enjoyable experience.   With that being said, let’s get started!

1. Please have a clear path from the planned entry of the residence, to the machine location. The technician will have some larger pieces of equipment they will use to perform the service, and any obstacles can pose a tripping or falling hazard to them as they perform their duties. This will include all baby/pet gates. Please also ensure the area around the laundry area is free of all objects, clothing, etc. The technician may need room to pull out or move the machines and perform their tasks.

2. Please refrain from doing any laundry (either washing or drying of clothes) at least one hour prior to the planned time of the technician’s arrival, as both the machines may need to be moved. Please make sure both machines are empty.

3. We know you love your pets and we love animals too, but they can pose a hazard to our technicians. Please ensure they are properly put away, so as to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

4. The technician may need to access the outside termination of the dryer exhaust system, please ensure the area around and below is free of all obstacles (lawn furniture, awnings etc.)

5. Vermont Dryer Duct assumes that duct work to be cleaned is in good, serviceable condition, and is able to withstand the rigors of the cleaning process. Vermont Dryer Duct is not responsible for duct work that falls apart during cleaning, due to poor mechanical condition.

6. Any ancillary repairs that need to be performed to existing duct systems, may require additional service time beyond a regularly scheduled cleaning appointment and shall be an additional fee for labor and materials. If the vent system requires repairs beyond the reserved service tine, Vermont Dryer Duct reserves the right to return at a later time to complete the repairs rather than causing delays in other customers start time. 

7. Vermont Dryer Duct does not guarantee the effectiveness of any cleaning performed on non-code compliant duct systems.

8. Stackable machines that need to be moved shall be an additional fee on top of the standard cleaning fee.

9. Off street parking close to the proposed entry to the residence will be required.

10. Payment for work performed, is required at the time of the service, unless prior arrangements have been made before the appointment. Check or cash is preferred.